What a tremendous depth of understanding we can have when we study the names of God!  Here’s the first part of my study of the Names of God.

Here’s a video that I did a few years back to Steven Curtis Chapman’s beautiful song, “Be Still.”  Hope it will be a blessing to you today.

We’ve had two great Bible Study nights this week.  Next new series begins this Sunday at 10:00 a.m. Thanks for coming out!  We’re setting up three separate pages: Bible Study – Tabernacle and Feast Days (Wednesday nights); Bible Study – Revelation (Thursday nights); and Bible Study – Genesis (Sunday mornings).  I’ll be posting the videos every week onto each page.  Enjoy!

Excited to say that our Wednesday night Bible Study begins tonight from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.  Come on by.  Wilma will be teaching on the Tabernacle and Feast Days and they apply to Christians.  

Jabez Blessings Christian Ministries

117 S. Third Street, Oxford PA

We wanted to bring to your attention a great series of videos (4) on the topic of Noah’s Flood and how the “millions of years” that evolutionists claim to be the age of earth is washed totally away by the catastrophic global effects of the Flood.  What they claim took millions/billions of years actually were caused by the Flood.  Very informative, especially for those who have children who are being taught Evolution in Biology courses.


Starting September 3rd
Taught by Wilma Wyatt, Bible teacher
with more than 40 years of experience

Sunday: The Beginnings: The Plot: God’s Plan through Ages
(Sunday School Hour: 10:00-11:00 a)
Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How?

Wednesday: Dress Rehearsals: Feasts
& Holy Days & Tabernacle
(7:00-8:30 p)
God’s Calendar for Plan of Ages

Thursday: Final Curtain Call: Book of Revelation
(7:00-8:30 p)
Fulfillment of God’s Plan through Ages
New Beginnings! (Current Events from a Biblical Perspective)


Jabez Blessings Christian Ministries
117 S. Third Street, Oxford
(across from Pizza Hut)
Free parking behind building
Wheelchair accessible
No child care

Just wanted to let everyone know that, yes, Wilma will be beginning a number of studies starting first week of September. Stay tuned here or on our Facebook page for more details!.

Due to the extreme weather conditions of cold and possible more snow, we are going to cancel Bible Study for tomorrow.  Keep warm and in the Word!

We will be cancelling Sunday School/Service today…January 5th.  Be safe


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